Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lynchburg Bluffwalk Ramp/Stair Enhancement Project REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS, Revised


Revised Issue:  Date:March 24, 2014
Project Name:  Downtown Lynchburg Bluffwalk Ramp/Stair Enhancement Project
Proposal deadline:  April 18, 2014
Project Budget:  $12,000.00
Completion Date:To be determined; projected unveiling June 2014

Project Description
In 2010, the City of Lynchburg designated the James River Arts & Culture District to celebrate and promote the arts in Downtown Lynchburg, with an understanding that when theatres, performing arts centers, museums, art galleries, and artist’s studios locate in the same district, the neighborhood becomes a magnet for revitalization, attracting restaurant and retail, commercial enterprises, downtown residential spaces, and the general public.

This grant will support artwork – murals or other artistic media – on the stairs at 11th Street leading from Jefferson Street to Commerce Street. The ADA ramp and stairs is the first completed section of Lynchburg’s Bluffwalk project, a pedestrian street located between the buildings that face Jefferson and Commerce Streets.  The Bluffwalk will create opportunities for an entirely new environment for the existing and proposed buildings along its path and is envisioned to be a spine for a new, mixed use cultural district with galleries, shops, cafes, courtyards and overlooks. The public investment in this transformative improvement is timed to support the current momentum of private development, creating links to active public places that provide routes to the riverfront area.

The winning design will incorporate elements of Lynchburg’s culture and history and compliment the vision of the Bluffwalk, Jefferson Street, and Riverfront Park improvements. The selected artist will be encouraged to involve or educate the public and/or students during fabrication and installation (through artists’ talks, open sessions, other methods to be determined). The proposed public art space will be highly visible to Jefferson Street traffic, Riverfront Park, railroad tracks and the James River.

The grant is supported by funds from Lynch’s Landing Foundation, Virginia Main Street, CSX, and the James River Arts & Culture District Grant.

Artwork Location & Specifics *REVISED*

The artist responding is to provide artwork that is appropriate for the site and will coordinate with the existing conditions. The City requests that the majority of the art work be affixed or on the walls of the terraces. The walls are concrete with brick terraces.  The stair terraces at the Lower Bluff Walk 11th Street Terraces are planted with small trees, a row of shrubs and groundcover, and on the west retaining wall façade Boston ivy, and a deciduous vine. Please see the attached drawings for a graphic representation of the planting and site conditions.

Since the west walls will have vines and the north facing walls will have trees and shrubs in front of them, the City requests that the artists provide proposals for attachments to the walls either at the stairwells (stair case landing walls) or on the west facades of the retaining walls.  These two areas are colored orange and green on the photograph of the stairs.  The applied art structure should be fairly thin so that it does not interfere with people walking on the nearby sidewalks or stairs. Proposals for art pieces at the stair case wall should not protruded more than 4”   out from the wall façade.  Up to 10” is ok from the west walls.

Art proposals for the west façade walls should take into account the vines on that wall and make recommendations for keeping them to one side or pruning them back to make room for the vines. An art piece that takes up only a portion of the west walls and leaves room for some vines might work better.
Proposals for artwork can also span beyond the stair case walls and west wall facades, but know that they must work with and make room for the existing vegetation.  The adjacent building is not City property and should not be included in the proposal.  A visit to the terraces to assess the conditions in person is encouraged.

The type of artwork that might work best in this situation is friezes, relief sculptures, tiling, and other types of objects that can be hung from the wall. Special lighting that could be located in the ground that might highlight or work with the artwork is not required but would be considered.  Art themes that relate to the history of the City, Downtown, its industrial past, or the river and its watershed are encouraged.

This art commission is open to all professional artists, artisans, architects, or landscape architects, or a team thereof, capable of designing the piece and also arranging for installation. There are no geographic limitations; however, housing and transportation costs are not included in the overall project budget.  

The total project budget, including site preparation, supplies, artist fee, signage, and marketing materials, is $12,000.00.  A maximum budget of $12,000.00 for project’s execution has been established, but artists are encouraged to think about sustainability and reuse when planning this project. This budget covers all expenses associated with, but not limited to, artist fee, the design, labor, materials, tools, contracted services, operations and meetings, and travel required to complete the artwork plus installation. Any expense that exceeds the contracted amount will be the artist’s responsibility. The artist will grant all rights to the image to Lynch’s Landing Foundation and the City of Lynchburg.

Application Requirements
  • Resume with current contact information
  • Artist Statement (1 page maximum)
  • Statement of proposed work, including a draft materials list, cost breakdown and timeline.
  • Up to 5 images of previous artwork formatted at 300 dpi resolution with a maximum file size of 1 MB
  • A corresponding list of any previous work with title, media, dimensions, locations, brief description, date of the work, project budget, and project partners, if applicable.
  • Electronic submission preferred.
All submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST on April 18, 2014.

Selection Process
Lynch’s Landing staff, volunteers from the Lynch’s Landing Design Committee, representatives from Lynchburg Public Works, the Lynchburg Office of Economic Development, the James River Council for the Arts & Humanities, and other downtown stakeholders, will convene to choose the artist and project.

Please direct all questions and submissions to:

Anna Bentson
Executive Director, Lynch’s Landing
901 Church Street
Lynchburg, Virginia 24504
Phone (434) 485-7250
Fax (434) 528-3169

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Youth Art Crawl Returns to Downtown Lynchburg

Mayor Michael Gillette stops to admire work by Perrymont Elementary Students.  
Lynch's Landing is collaborating with the Academy of Fine Arts and Lynchburg City Schools for the 3rd Annual Youth Art Crawl to celebrate and promote youth arts during the month of March.  Students from Lynchburg City Schools have created artwork in different mediums. Last week, the artwork was installed in participating downtown businesses and at the Academy of Fine Arts. Artwork will be available for the community to enjoy through April 1, 2013.  The goal of this celebration is to inspire young artists' minds and bring the community downtown to support local businesses and local youth. There will be over 255 student pieces participating in this event. 

Artwork on display at Market at Main
Student work can be found at the following locations:  

Heritage Elementary School Baby B’s  | 821 Main Street
Bedford Hills Elementary School Bank of the James| 823 Main Street
Paul Munro Elementary School Market at Main | 904 Main Street
Sandusky Elementary School, The Go Center, and T.C. Miller Elementary School CAO Artisan Chocolates | 908 Main Street
Perrymont Elementary School High Peak Sportswear | 924 Main Street
Linkhorne Elementary School Scene 3 Board Shop | 1107 Main Street
Bass Elementary School Telitha Spa | 1200 Main Street
E.C. Glass High School Urban Merchant| 1206 Main Street
E.C. Glass High School Gladiola Girls | 1220 Main Street
Dunbar Middle School Lynchburg Community Market | 1219 Main Street
R.S. Payne Elementary School and Sheffield Elementary School The White Hart | 1208 Main Street
Dearington Elementary School Lynchburg Visitors Center | 216 12th Street
Linkhorne Middle School Dance Theater of Lynchburg | 722 Commerce Street
Sandusky Middle School Riverviews Artspace | 901 Jefferson Street

Monday, March 3, 2014

INOV8 Small Business Competition

INOV8 is a small business competition in which three businesses will receive a $10,000 grant to start or expand operations in Downtown Lynchburg.

INVO8 is sponsored by Lynch's Landing Foundation, with the Lynchburg Office of Economic Development and the Region 2000 Small Business Development Center and partially funded by a grant from Virginia Main Street. Eligible activities for grant support will include:

·  Expansion of programs, service hours or product lines in current downtown businesses;
·  Transition support for online or home-based businesses;
·  Second locations in Downtown Lynchburg for businesses currently located outside of the Central Business District (CBD).

Grant funds may be used for the purchase of supplies, equipment, or inventory; payment toward the lease or purchase of commercial property; renovations or upgrades to a commercial location; and marketing and promotion. Grants will be reimbursable to businesses that provide appropriate documentation for their expenses.

All applicants will be required to attend various trainings and one-on-one consultations throughout the summer. At the end of the training period, applicants will submit a written business plan and marketing plan to support the business idea, product or service. Applicants will make a public presentation to a panel of judges assembled by the three partners.

A cash prize, of $10,000 with an additional $800 (minimum) in radio, video and print marketing support will be awarded to the individual(s) who, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates the business idea and plan most likely to result in a successful new business venture in Downtown Lynchburg.

Download a Registration Form *Due by April 15 to participate in the program. 

Download a Participation Agreement *Due by April 15 to participate in the program. 

Please contact Anna Bentson at with questions. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spreading the LOVE All Year Long

The LOVE at the Craddock - Terry

A Blog Post on LOVE?  Valentine's Day is over, you say?  No, we say!  This is Virginia!  Virginia is always for LOVE.   There are so many things to love in Downtown Lynchburg, we can't limit it to just one day!

LOVE Downtown!  We know that Virginia is for Lovers.  Nature lovers, history lovers, antique lovers... you name it, you can find your passion in Virginia.  Downtown Lynchburg is no exception to that. We've been putting the LOVE out there in a big way. 

Last summer, the James River Council for the Arts and Humanities unveiled the LOVE sculpture that stands along the James River Heritage Trial near Percival's Island.  Local artist Paul Clements' sculpture honors Lynchburg's love of outdoor activity.  Each of the bright red letters are decorated with foot prints, paddles, cycling wheels, and skate board wheels.  Since it was installed, it has become a popular place for photos.  If you check or the Virginia Is For Lovers Facebook Page, it won't take you long to find Lynchburg's bright red LOVE letters among the photos!  This LOVE sculpture was created as part of the Virginia Tourism Corporation's campaign to develop the sculptures across the state. 

If the LOVE sculpture at Percival's celebrates Lynchburg's outdoorsy side, then the one at the Craddock Terry Hotel celebrates Lynchburg's glamorous side!  Located at 1315 Commerce Street, a bright red shoe topped with sparking, silver LOVE welcomes guests to the hotel and anyone driving along Commerce Street. This sculpture was created by the Craddock Terry staff with the help of volunteers and is constructed of wood, glass and mirrors. 

You can learn more about both sculptures  When you post your photos with the sculptures, be sure to hashtag them #LoveVA, and #DowntownLynchburg!  We LOVE to see and share them!
LOVE Sculpture at Pervical's Island Natural Area

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Tale of Love and War

Courtesy of Lynchburg Museum System
Imagine Lynchburg at the peak of the Civil War. Our city was the second largest hospital center in the Confederacy. At one time as many as 10,000 wounded were brought into Lynchburg for care at the hospitals, more than the entire population in 1860. The War had torn families apart, leaving widows and orphans in its devastating wake.

Lynchburg would not have seemed like the kind of place that a romance would blossom. This, however, is exactly what happened for one couple.

Late in the War, a Swedish born Confederate Colonel arrived in Lynchburg as so many other men did: a wounded soldier. Colonel August Forsberg of the 51st Virginia Infantry was severely wounded in the hand at Winchester, Va. He was sent to recover at the Ladies Relief Hospital, which was located at the site of what is now the Academy of Fine Arts on Main Street. It was recommended that the Colonel’s hand be amputated. The Ladies Relief Hospital, run entirely by women, was known for being the hospital that saw the most serious cases.  It had the highest recovery rate.

At the hospital, Col. Forsberg was in the care of Mary (Mollie) Morgan Otey. Mary had already lost a husband in the War. Working in the Ladies Relief Hospital, she must have seen thousands of soldiers with all manner of wounds. History does not record how the Ladies Relief Hospital and Mary accomplished what seemed like a lost cause, but under Mary’s care, the Colonel’s hand was saved. The two fell in love and were married in 1865. According to her family, Mary said: “After I saved his hand, I thought I should have it.” 

On display in the Old Courthouse Lynchburg Museum is a woman’s jacket made in the style of a confederate officer’s overcoat. Mary had this jacket made, and attached to it military braids and her husband’s Colonel stars. This jacket was an act of rebellion, as Confederate soldiers were forbidden from wearing their “colors” during the period of Reconstruction. Mary and August remained in Lynchburg and he served as City Engineer for many years. During this period, he designed both Holy Cross Church and the Clay Street Reservoir. August passed away in 1910, Mary in 1918.

For more information about Downtown Lynchburg during the Civil War visit:
Lynchburg Museum System, 901 Court Street,
Old City Cemetery, 401 Taylor Street,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Interview with the Craddock-Terry's Buster Brown, Reprinted From the April 2013 Downtown Focus

Editor's Note:  Last night, a Wirehaired Fox Terrier, Sky, won the Westminster Kennel Club's Dog Show.  We have our own famous Fox Terrier right here in Downtown, he lives at the Craddock-Terry Hotel.  We're reprinting this 2013 interview with Buster here, which originally appeared in our "Focus On: Green Space" issue of the Downtown Focus.  

If you want to know where some great green space is in Downtown Lynchburg, then the best person to ask is not a person at all, it's the Craddock-Terry's canine employee, Buster Brown.  A Wirehaired Fox Terrier, the modest Buster sat down with us a few days ago to tell us about working at an award winning historic hotel, keeping up with friends in Downtown Lynchburg, where to find the best spots in Downtown for a nice soak in the sun and keeping his staff on their paws.

So, Buster, tell us a little about yourself... where are you from and what attracted you to hotel life?   

I was born in Minnesota. I was flown on a plane to Raleigh when I was about 10 weeks old - boy was that interesting - and the hotel team picked me up.   I didn't know them yet but I was sure happy to see them.   Momma K, (Kimberly Christner, President of Cornerstone Hospitality) thought that I had exactly the right temperament for the hospitality business, so I guess I was born to be in the business.  See, I'm hypo-allergenic, I don't shed and well,  I'm pretty handsome . . . wouldn't you say?  Plus, my breed has won the Best in Show at the National Dog Show for the last 2 years.

It must be fun living in a hotel.  Tell us a little about your guests and your work.  
I really enjoy all of my guests.  They smell a lot different so I really get to know a lot about the world as a result.  I can tell who has dogs, cats and sometimes even birds.  Some of them are from other countries so I get to learn about things I may never see.  And the kids - I really love when they come and play with me.  Sometimes my staff even lets me take our guests for a walk and I show them all the great Downtown Lynchburg shops, sights and restaurants.  I love posing for pictures, playing in the lobby, running down the hallways, and especially running out to greet the guests when they arrive.  I try really hard to make everyone feel welcome.  And, you know, the hotel business is 24/7 so we're always working.  Even when I'm sleeping, if I hear a guest say my name I jump right up and go out and greet them.  Being the Official Hotel Greeter - my work is never done.

I stay at the hotel, right at the front desk.  I have a couple places that I've asked my staff to prepare for me.  I have a bed directly behind the front desk and then another one in the office.  Most of the time, I stay in the bed out front so I can meet everyone when they arrive.  I love to lie in the lobby in the warmth of the sun.  

I have a staff of about 20 people who help me out.  I often volunteer to take the staff for walks and they really love on me a lot for that.  Even when it's raining, I make sure they have a really big umbrella before we go out so we can both stay dry.  I'm always so excited when the shifts change every day so I can see all my staff.  I try to make them enjoy coming to work by happily greeting them with kisses and a wagging tail.  You know, when you have a staff, you have to treat them nice so they will take care of our guests.  And, I try not to bark, especially at night when our guests are sleeping.

The Craddock -Terry is a very historic place, having been the site of a large shoe factory.  Do you have a favorite part of the hotel that you would like to share? 

I think it's pretty neat that all the rooms are a little different.  And, I love the brick and the stacked granite walls.  Plus, that staircase - have you seen it?  I love running up and down that old staircase and peeking through the rails at the top at the guests coming up.  One thing that's been really hard is that there are historic shoes everywhere!  Can you imagine?  I have so many shoes all over the hotel and I'm not allowed to chew on any of them.  That has been a real challenge.  The staff and I have had several conversations about it over the years and I have agreed that it's in everyone's best interest if I just play with my own toys.

Spring is a special time here in Lynchburg.  Tell us about your favorite green spaces and parks here in Downtown.  What can we do to make them even better for dogs and humans?    

Well, my yard is probably the best.   I have a couple of places that are nice and green.  The staff at the hotel takes pretty good care of it and I love to roll around out there and lay in the sun.  I see a lot of my friends there and I don't mind sharing the grass.  My staff has put up a Doggie Station so the staff of other canines can clean up after their walks.  I just love to walk around downtown.  I like all of the smells and to roll around in the grass, sniff the light poles and fire hydrants - I can even tell you which ones are the best!  I also love to go for walks on the trail and to look through the bridge at the James River.  

There could be more recycling bins, trash bins and a few more doggie stations in the grassy areas.  Maybe if there were more stations and bins, downtown would be even cleaner than it already is.  Plus, when my friends and I find trash, food and gum on the ground, it's really hard for us not to want to check  it out and that usually makes me get a belly ache! I'd also like to see some of the shop owners put out watering stations - that way I can stop and rest, get a little drink while the person I'm walking takes a look around. 

Lots of new dogs and humans are living in Downtown Lynchburg now.  Do you have any special friends who live in Downtown?
I'm so lucky - I have so many friends, including humans.  I love taking walks and saying hi to all my friends at the City Market, Suntrust, and McCraw's .  Sometimes when I'm walking down the street people I don't even know come up and know my name and where I live.  It's pretty cool.  I make friends everywhere I go.  I love the festivals we have downtown, it's so exciting because there are so many people.  In winter I have a winter coat with the hotel logo and during the summer I have a handsome T-shirt so people will come by the hotel and visit with me.  Sometimes we even have people from out of town to stop by just to say Hi to me because they heard I was so handsome.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Downtown Y Adds New Space

The view from the new group workout room.
For nearly 160 years, the YMCA has been a part of Downtown Lynchburg.  Throughout most of that time, the YMCA has maintained a stable presence in a prominent location in Downtown, moving locations along Church Street until it reached its current location at 1315 Church.   The Downtown YMCA is almost ready to unveil their newest addition:  a half a million dollar group workout room.  This renovation is only one part of their recent upgrades, which also include upgrades to the men's and women's locker-rooms.  Previously, group workouts like yoga, Zumba or TRX were held in the gym.  This meant that other Y patrons might need to walk through your class to access other parts or the building.   No more!  This new facility offers group classes privacy, in addition to a beautiful space with an amazing view of Downtown Lynchburg.   

Classes offered in the new group fitness room are, of course, part of your Y membership.  Swimming, water aerobics, racquetball, pickle ball, and many other activities are offered in addition to the classes above.  Plus, the Downtown Y is the only Y in town with towel service.  One less thing you need to pack in your gym bag!  The Downtown Y offers members the opportunity to get outside in Downtown as well.  Some of the additional training classes take advantage of the topography, parks, and stairs in Downtown.   If you would like to check out the new space, mark your calendar for February 1, 10:00am - 12:00pm, the Y will be hosting a Fitness Jam Open House.  You can try out all the classes and see the new facility even if you aren't a member!

For more information on the Downtown Y, Click To: