Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lynch's Landing & Lynchburg Historical Foundation Help Musuem Top Out Fundraising Goal

The Clock Will Be Ticking & Bells Will Be Ringing

Lynch’s Landing and Lynchburg Historical Foundation push Museum Fund-raising Goal Over the Top

Lynch’s Landing and the Lynchburg Historical Foundation each presented checks to the Lynchburg Museum Foundation this morning to help them obtain their goal of raising $20,000 to restore the clock tower and bells in the Lynchburg Museum. The presentation was made by the respective board presidents, Michael Lucado and Chris McSwain, to Rob Carrington, the chair of the museum board, on the steps of the museum.

The two groups banded together to make sure that another piece of Lynchburg’s history was restored to its former glory. One day soon, the bells will toll the hours through downtown Lynchburg as they did in the past.

Several years ago, Lynch’s Landing worked to raise funds for the renovations to Monument Terrace. “Lynch’s Landing was involved in the Monument Terrace renovation several years ago. We felt the restoration of the Old Court House clock and bell complemented that project and met the downtown revitalization goals of our organization. We are very pleased to be working with these other organizations to bring this historical time piece back to life for the people of Lynchburg.” Mike Lucado, President of the Lynch’s Landing Board of Directors.

Lynch’s Landing continues to provide funds to downtown property owners to refurbish the facades of their historical buildings. As you walk the streets of downtown, you will see plaques awarded by the Lynchburg Historical Foundation recognizing those who have restored their buildings to reflect their historic character.

The mission of the Historical Foundation is: to acquire, restore and preserve sites, buildings, structures, documents, and objects that are located in, related to, connected with, or illustrative of the history and culture of Lynchburg, Virginia and/or the United States; to encourage others to do likewise; to promote an understanding of history, architecture, and culture through educational programs, exhibits, publications of historical materials and otherwise; and to take or receive gifts and bequests of money or other property, real or personal, for any such purpose or purposes.
The mission of Lynch’s Landing is to identify opportunities and develop resources that position and sustain downtown and the riverfront as a vital economic, cultural, historic, recreational and residential center for our community.

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